Project Unite

A groundbreaking initiative with a singular purpose: Project Unite aims to unify and coordinate shelters nationwide, in a concentrated bid to pool resources and put a stop to sex trafficking.

We believe that every penny donated to our cause should not only be accounted for,but be fully transparent. We want you to be able to see your money at work, changing the world and saving lives.

There is no specific race in trafficking. The street are full of women that become victims of their own means of survival

The stalkers are always seek whom they may kill or destroy

There are systems put in place that will protect the flow of money made through trafficking sex

Some victims are never seen again

The number of deaths are in the hundreds of thousands per year

Some may survive and get away, but their lives are damaged forever

The torture the victims are put through lasts for years as they are sold from one predator to another

The women that die from this crime, leave their families searching and hoping for their return, but the truth is never unfolded.

There is a large percentage of women sold by family members

The men who pay for the thrill are no where to be found and should be held guilty with the same punishment as the kidnapper



About Us

Traffik n Sex is a movement founded on hope, an organization bolstered by community.


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    To develop and foster conversation about Sex Trafficking, taking away traffickers’ ability to hide from the public eye by creating a vigilant population.

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    To create a network of content, events and shelters, so that a victim is never far from safety, and activists have every opportunity to get involved.

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    What began as a research project for MAHARLIKA, a miniseries that tackles trafficking from the Blasian perspective, quickly evolved into Project Unite: A concentrated effort to encourage collaboration between shelters nationwide and put a stop to sex trafficking.

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    We put transparency and communication above all else, which is why every cent donated to our organization will be publicly accounted for. Our singular aim is to save lives, and we want you to see your voices and your dollars at work, doing just that.

Our Partners

Anti-Sex Trafficking Anthem

The first element in an unprecedented take on entertainment activism, TRAFFIK n SEX is the world’s first anti sex-trafficking anthem, a track designed from the ground up to rouse spirits and inspire action. Our hope is to raise awareness for our cause on a huge scale, but we can only do that with your help…

Now streaming on all major networks Click here to view

Anti-Sex Trafficking Anthem

Steve N Chris, featuring Courtney Hamilton

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